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Fabrics for Sublimation Transfer Printing

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Transfer Paper

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Hybrid(HB) : 75gsm, 90gsm, 105gsm, 140gsm :
It is designed to be an all-around sublimation paper. Its main features are easy handing and excellent performance by meeting all demands on sublimation transfer printing.
Converted on hightech equipment, the paper tension is evenly distributed across the width of roll, reducing paper crashes, cockling and folding.

Sticky(ST) : 90gsm, 105gsm
It is the best development for anti-ghosting sublimation paper. As a Sticky Version with Tack, this specialty paper will adhere to the fabric during transfer, which will eliminate ghosting or loss of details due to textile shrinkage or movements in the transfer process,and therefore,it will help you reduce production errors and increase the quality of end products.

Width and length in standard supplying
17"(420mm) x 100mor120mroll
24"(610mm) x 100mor120mroll
36"(914mm) x 100mor120mroll
44"(1118mm) x 100mor120mroll
50"(1280mm) x 100mor120mroll
52"(1320mm) x 100mor120mroll
54"(1370mm) x 100mor120mroll
60"(1574mm) x 100mor120mroll
63"(1600mm) x 100mor120mroll
64"(1620mm) x 100mor120mroll
A3 or A4 size or letter size(216*279mm)110pcpack

Core size : 2 inch or 3 inch diameter

Can provide in jumbo rolls as well (1640mm, 1390mm, 935mm x 3,500 meterreel)


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